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Drying Blood – Scab / Brown

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Quick drying blood for creating versatile drips or smudged aged effects that are non transferring and smudge proof; ideal for continuity. Scab, brown. Non staining. 

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FORENSIC ACCURACY “Accurately represents deoxygenated blood seen within a deceased body or in conjunction with an old injury/trauma which has been exposed to very high levels of oxygen within the air.”

ON SET USE Ideal for creating brown, aged, dried blood effects on skin or when a brown toned less graphic blood shade is required. Great for creating dripping or smeared blood effects on skin that completely dries in minutes to a smudge proof finish.Create multi dimensional aged, mattified blood effects by stippling and smearing with finger or sponge to give the appearance of crusty, distressed edges.

REMOVAL Wash product from skin using warm water and soap, wet wipes or any professional makeup remover suitable for alcohol based products and repeat if necessary.


Larger sizes available on request. Email your requirements to

CAUTION Flammable. Use product in a well ventilated area and store away from direct sunlight and sources of ignition. Professional and external use only. Do not use in the eyes, mouth or apply to broken/irritated skin. If irritation occurs, seek medical attention. Keep out of reach from children.