Liquid Bloods

Washable Blood – Dark / Venous

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Washable flowing liquid blood in standard, arterial red for fresh flowing blood effects. Extensively stain tested so ideal for Costume/ wardrobe use as well as make up and Art departments. Non beading agent ensures product will not bead / separate on skin or silicone or other prosthetics. Very realistic, reliable and safe for all departments. 

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FORENSIC ACCURACY “Colour and consistency accurately depicts ‘general bleeding’ blood seen within and flowing from an aged injury/trauma as well as within a recently deceased body where deoxygenation has begun to cause a darkening of the blood.”

ON SET USE Highly realistic and versatile flowing liquid blood that delivers the exact requirements of ALL on set departments. Reliably washable from dressmaking fabrics for Costume / Wardrobe departments with extensive fabric stain test report available on request. Non beading / non separating on skin or prosthetics. Easily wiped away without residue with wet wipes or water for Make Up department use. Great for Art departments for creating dripping, pooled or smeared blood effects on set skin that completely dries in minutes to a smudge proof finish. Can be diluted for large scale on-set use.

REMOVAL Rinses easily from skin with water. Warm water and soap may be necessary for if blood has been in situ for a long time. Quickly remove from skin and surfaces on set with wet wipes – no residue. Rinses from majority of fabrics with cool water. Allow to soak and use regular washing cycle when necessary. Do not dry clean on to fabrics.


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